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Compass Rose Legacy Foundation

light. love. life. legacy.

Our mission is to be a guiding light on the  journey through the tides of life – morning to evening, offering compassionate legacy services and end-of-life doula support. We provide mentoring, learning, and resource opportunities for all professionals and volunteers who perform legacy services.

What is a legacy?
It is the poetry of your life, expressed in creative everlasting ways to be cherished for generations. Creative Legacy projects are designed uniquely for each client.  From photo organization, design story books, Legacy Travel, and many more.

Attend one of our Legacy Cafes and learn how to take the first steps in navigating your legacy.


What is a Legacy Doula?
We provide companionship, comfort, and guidance to those during the evening of life; facing a terminal illness or death. We create a space of light and love where our client can share their life legacy. A sacred space that is defined by living more than by dying.

A time to honor.
A time to remember.
A time to carry the fire.

We walk alongside our client's family and friends on the journey to carry forth the legacy of their loved ones, a Creative Kaddish.

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