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Compass Rose Legacy Foundation

discover your soul thread.
navigate your legacy. 

At Compass Rose Legacy Foundation, Our mission is to be a guiding light on the  journey through the tides of life – morning to evening, offering compassionate legacy services and end-of-life doula support.
We provide mentoring, learning, and resource opportunities for
all professionals and volunteers who perform legacy services.

Our Commitments:

  1. Personal Legacy Services: We believe that everyone's life story is unique and deserves to be celebrated. That's why we go beyond just curating memories and strive to uncover the deeper threads of wisdom, meaning, and experience that define an individual's legacy. Through storytelling, creative expressions, and commemorative events, we aim to illuminate the richness of each person's life and help them leave an everlasting light for future generations.

  2. Soul Thread Discovery: We encourage individuals to explore and discover their soul thread – the unique narrative that runs through their life. Through introspective workshops, reflective practices, and personalized engagement, we aim to help individuals recognize and embrace the profound meaning of their journey.

  3. End-of-Life Doula Guidance: Our end-of-life doulas offer compassionate guidance, supporting individuals and their families during the profound transition of life's final chapters. Serving as companions, advocates, and educators, we strive to bring comfort and understanding to the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of this sacred passage

  4. Carry The Fire: Beyond the transition, we extend our support to those navigating the journey of grief. We walk alongside our client's family and friends on the journey to carry forth the legacy of their loved ones.

  5. Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity: Embracing the diversity of cultural backgrounds and beliefs, we approach our services with cultural sensitivity. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that our support is respectful of the unique traditions and perspectives of each individual and their family. As a federally-recognized 501c(3) nonprofit organization, we are committed to serving all
    who request our services, regardless of ability to pay.

  6. Advocacy for Dignified Endings: We advocate for policies that uphold the autonomy and dignity of individuals at the end of life. Our foundation strives to contribute to a healthcare system that respects diverse end-of-life choices, fostering a compassionate and person-centered approach.

We believe that by illuminating life's tapestry
and helping individuals discover their soul thread,
we contribute to a world where each person's unique legacy is celebrated,
understood, and shines a light on the path for future generations.

compass rose legacy foundation
vision statement

we are honest, authentic, and dedicated to doing what is in the best interest of our clients. We elevate our clients through positivity, graciousness, and compassion.
joy and grace:
we are grateful, positive, and passionate about sharing life’s moments with our clients. We are honored to share the laughter and the tears.
communication starts by listening, understanding different perspectives, and caring about others’ life stories. Compass the legacy by honoring the past.
we are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments for organizational service and for creative product.
we are mindful, respectful, and fully present to the spiritual legacy that encompasses us as we curate a client’s memories.

NEDA associate partner
The Photo Managers
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our why...

light. love. life. legacy.

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