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compass rose legacy
our board of directors
nancy jean rose, founder and executive director

Nancy Jean Rose is a Legacy Doula and the Executive Director of Compass Rose Legacy Foundation. From the earliest days of her memory, Nancy has woven the tapestry of her life as a storyteller, legacy scribe, photographer, and compassionate caregiver.
With over 25 years of experience, she served as a Communications/Development Director for non-profit organizations in the vibrant Chicagoland area.

Nancy's creative spirit extends beyond her professional roles, encompassing extensive volunteer work in global mission programs, crisis center suicide hotline volunteer, trained hospice volunteer since 1999, American Red Cross disaster team member and in community crisis outreach. Her lens captures the profound beauty of human stories and the moments that define our legacies.

Compass Rose Legacy Foundation is the heartbeat of Nancy's journey—a manifestation of her passion and commitment.
Serving as a Legacy Doula, she provides unwavering support, bears witness and holds a sacred space for individuals as they navigate the ebbs and flows of their lives.

nancy jean rose

every photo tells a story ...

This photo was taken on the "Top of Europe" - Jungfrau, Swiss Alps. It holds a special place in my heart

for I was traveling with my beloved mom.  Her journal entry,
"I feel closest to God when I am in the mountains.
When I am traveling through the Swiss Alps,
the sense of peace and reverence fills my heart.
This is what heaven must be like."

dr. baruch halevi, vision and meaning content director
Dr. Baruch HaLevi, aka “B," comes to this work as a Logotherapist, Enneagram teacher, rabbi, and entrepreneur, having co-founded seven startups. He has spent over twenty years guiding people of all faith traditions, backgrounds, and beliefs through “Life’s T’s:” transitions, tests, trials, traumas, and tragedies. He is the founder of Defiant Spirit Counseling & Coaching, where he works with individuals as a logotherapist, and trains businesses and organizations utilizing The Defy Your Number Enneagram System, his signature program synthesizing the work of Viktor Frankl together with the Enneagram, an ancient, psychological assessment system. Baruch earned a Doctoral Degree in Ministry, Diplomate in Logotherapy, a Master's Degree in Judaic Studies, and an honorary Doctorate in Divinity. He is an ordained Conservative rabbi, certified Enneagram coach, prolific author, and podcaster on all things Viktor Frankl and Enneagram. You can learn more about him at: and
Baruch HaLevi
the "nan's"   (nieces and nephews)
rachael rose - royce rose - alex rose - myah martinez
"the nan's"

It's truly inspirational to share the impact and unique perspectives that
"the nan's" bring to the Compass Rose Legacy Foundation. Despite experiencing life's challenges at an early age, these individuals have chosen to forge their own creative paths, becoming torchbearers for the memories of their departed loved ones.

Having navigated through life's profound trials, "the nan's" understand the significance of curating one's legacy each day. Their resilience and commitment to honoring the legacies of those who have passed demonstrate a profound understanding of the enduring impact that our stories can have.

In their role as lightbearers for their generation, the "nan's" not only carry the fire of remembrance but also inspire others to cherish and celebrate the richness of life. Their unique perspectives and creative approaches contribute to the tapestry of stories woven by the Compass Rose Legacy Foundation, creating a space where the importance of legacy is acknowledged and embraced.

These individuals exemplify strength, creativity, and a deep understanding of the transformative power of preserving and sharing our stories. Their contributions undoubtedly enrich the mission of the foundation, making it a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

Listen to this recent podcast to gain insight into our story - how "B" and Nancy work together.

The Defiant Spirit Podcast/Video
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