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evening of life

What is a Legacy Doula?
We provide companionship, comfort, and guidance to those during the evening of life; facing a terminal illness or death. We create a space of light and love where our client can share their life legacy. A sacred space that is defined by living more than by dying.

INELDA trained

legacy doula

end-of-life (eol) doula

A Doula provides a unique set of services that offer comfort, guidance, and healing during transitional times of life’s journey. We create a compassionate and comforting space for our clients and their families facing life changing events, terminal diagnoses, and death, as well as providing post-transition grief support.

our calling...

We strive to provide our clients with the support and resources they need to make their last moments meaningful and sacred. We are committed to helping individuals and their families navigate the end-of-life journey with dignity and grace. We will guide you and your loved ones through the entire process, from creating an advanced care plan to providing emotional and spiritual care. We work together with a hospice team to create a comprehensive support team. Our non-medical holistic support encompasses emotional, spiritual, and practical care.

holding a space of grace

In the evening of life,
we will be judged
on love alone.

St. John of the Cross

holding space

creative legacy project

We specialize in creating legacy projects for our clients. These projects are designed to capture their life story, memories, and experiences in a meaningful way.  It is a way to honor the life of the individual and keep their memory alive and to see how their life may continue to impact others, even after they have transitioned.  
This project may include our client’s stories and memories told to us from times spent together. It may include things our client often said, or it could be something they said at a particular moment that dramatically impacted someone’s life.
A legacy project can include touching moments and funny moments. It may be related to life lessons or values. The legacy work might culminate in a book, a photo box, a scroll, a recording, a video, a walk in nature, or a celebratory ritual performed each year on a day with special meaning.
We believe that legacy work is about living more than is about dying. We want to help you create a lasting legacy that will help your loved ones carry on your light.

how we serve...

  • Provide the opportunity to speak openly and frankly about dying

  • Talk about creating an advance care directive

  • Explore the meaning of the dying person’s life and legacy

  • Discuss and support end-of-life care planning

  • Develop a plan for how the space looks, feels and sounds

  • Incorporate traditions or create new rituals to mark special moments

  • Encourage appropriate ways of touching and caressing the dying person

  • Bring a focused and intuitive presence to the bedside

  • Assist with physical and practical care to ease the burden on caregivers

  • Provide respite for exhausted caregivers

  • Explain the signs and symptoms of the dying process

  • Process the emotions and experiences with loved ones

  • Support the spiritual practices of all involved

  • Guide people through the early stages of grieving

  • Doula services provided on a sliding scale $35-75/hour.

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