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Compass Rose Legacy offers a personalized experience to help you remember and honor your life stories.
We will help you curate your memories by organizing printed and digital photos, letters, cards, and other legacy artifacts. Our mission is to give you the tools to organize your original memories and make them accessible so you can begin your creative legacy project.

where to begin?

                                           Legacy Scavenger Hunt

Curating your legacy collection can seem like a daunting task. Make the process of organization a fun process.
Go on a Scavenger Hunt to discover your cherished memories.

1. Go from room to room in your house. Tag any artifacts that have meaning and significance to you. Use colorful post it notes. Once you have tagged all your items – time to archive. Take a photo of each item and write the story. Artifcts offers a great way to digitalize and organize your collection. A way for you to capture your legacy item and the meaningful story.

2. Gather All Your Photos, Videos, Slides and Life Documents: Designate an area in your house for photo organization. Collect all your digital and physical photos from various devices, storage drives, social media accounts, and photo albums. Collect all your important documents, letters, and cards.

3. Sort and Curate all your items. Organize your photos, videos, and important documents into categories that make sense to you. You can sort them by location, date range, events, people's names, and more. Discard duplicates and blurred images. Keep only the items that "tell a story" and have meaning to you.

5. Time to Curate Your Legacy.  Now that all your artifacts and photos are organized. Time to focus on your why – your soul thread. Time to go through your organized categories and select the photos and items that have the greatest meaning to you. You should be able to define your life in 100 photos or less. Record the story – the meaning lesson for each of the photos and items. Once this is completed – you can decide how you would like to share your story and choose a creative legacy project.

The ABC's of Photo Organizing, presented by Cathi Nelson,
CEO of The Photo Managers.

Watch this video to learn how to curate your photo collection!

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