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a daughter's prayer

.... a mother's love is everlasting

A Daughter’s Prayer

My heart was filled with joy, as I witnessed the morning light appear. It was a bright sunny morning as the earth awoke.

Thank you, Lord, for this day of brilliance.

And then the tears began to flow.

My heart cries out, “Mom, where are you?” I want to share this day.

I want to witness your kindness, your sweet nature, and your gentle touch. Just like we have done each and every day for many years.

In the silence of my grief, I hear a heart whisper.

“I am here, Nancy, I will always be with you. Listen to the silence.” The stillness embraces me.

I am filled with the knowing of the love of my mother.

I am wrapped in a blanket of comfort, peace, and love.

The unique, precious love between a mother and a daughter that is everlasting.

The stillness reminds me of the life lessons

my mother instilled in me, my brothers, and her grandchildren.

The importance of faith, hope and love with each earthly breath we take. My mother’s building blocks for her tower of strength.

A woman of grace – aware of God’s grace and shared it with everyone.

She celebrated the joys of life through family, friends, and her adventurous spirit. During the times of trauma, she was our strength.

She was our spark that brought us out of the darkness, into the light. Always begin and end your day in gratitude.

I promise, Mom, I will continue to carry your fire – your legacy of “love one another.”

In the stillness I sit.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with the knowing that my mother and my family are still with me. I have discovered the peace and the love that silence brings forth.


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Beautiful, just like your mama. Just like you.

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