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Did you know that the Friday before Memorial Day is designated by Congress as National Poppy Day? The red poppy has been worn by Americans since World War I to honor those who served and died for our country in all wars. My grandfather and my grandmother Larsen were part of the American Legion family that brought this remembrance initiative to our statesmen.

On Friday, I visited with a few WWII veterans as I waited at their table to receive my poppy button and flag. As we talked, they told me they felt most of the younger generations really don’t care about their stories. I encouraged them to keep sharing, we will listen.

War Horse – My Grandfather’s Story My grandfather, Eugene Milton Larsen, served in WWI in the Army. He was 22 years old and stationed on the European Western Front. Have you seen the movie, War Horse (produced by Speilberg, 2011)? The movie resembles my grandfather’s story. He lived in the trenches for almost two years and took care of the war horses. The conditions were horrible. My grandfather lost an eye due to the cold bitterness. He never talked much about the war and what he witnessed. He just told us about how he cared for the horses. The man I loved was a gentle, kind soul. He moved through life with grace and a joyful grin. He shared his love for animals with all his grandchildren. When I picture my grandfather, I see him standing beside his beloved German Shepherds with care. Or with his bicycle on Sundays as he rode to church. It was his favorite and only mode of transportation during the Depression Era.

Take time this weekend to listen to the stories of our veterans.

Share the stories so their legacy of honor and service lives on.

We Remember Them.  

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